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Just imagine being healthy and all of a sudden get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! Picture spending Christmas Day in a hospital as you exchange gifts with your family trying to smile but deep inside weary about the uncertainties. Will I make it out of this alive? Who's going to pay the mortgage and the rest of the bills?

This is exactly what happened to a family of mine.  Back in 2017.  Fortunately he remembered 9 months earlier he purchased a life insurance with living benefits.

This plan paid him multiple six-figure which he then used to pay for his financial obligations and more!

Now he is in remission and no longer has to worry about his finances.

My entire outlook in life changed in an instant, thinking why is this type of solution not known to everyone yet?

Today, I am a devoted advocate. I have a gift to save people from financial suffering! 

Financial devastation? 

Not on my watch! 

Vera T. Q, 6./2020

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