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Let’s face it.  Our Nation’s health care system is a mess and there seems to be no relief in sight.  For those families who are faced with continuing escalation of health care expenses for critical, chronic and terminal illness for health care here in the United States are more likely than not to file bankruptcy.  Some numbers indicate that a family has over a 65% chance of filing a bankruptcy due to medical costs. Even though overall bankruptcy filings were slightly down in June of 2019, medical bills as the underlying cause of these filings were up. In a February 2019 article published by MSNBC, the reason for increasing bankruptcies is the inadequate health care insurance.  According to a recently published MSNBC article, “A recent study from personal finance website Bank rate found that only 40 percent of Americans have enough saved to cover a $1,000 emergency expense.” There is a solution for many American Families which does not have to involve our government.  It’s time for people to begin to work on fixing their own health care problems instead of relying on our government to do so.  Be Proactive!!!

There are financial products in existence which would enable families to be financially protected from a critical, chronic ant terminal illness of a family member and at the same time, specifically tailored to protect a families assets. Speak to an Income Replacement Awareness-Advocacy representative now.  Once you become ill, it’s too late!


Vera T. Quiwa, 6/26/2020

Just imagine being healthy and all of a sudden get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! Picture spending Christmas Day in a hospital...
Avatar 108

Jeff Mentzos, 12/10/2019

When my wife and I purchased life insurance back in 2002, we were never informed about living benefits riders.  Had we been informed...
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